DeMo Diaries: Catharsis

DeMo was a watershed event in contemporary history, as millions were impacted and the nation was split in to two over the nationalists who thought it was a silver bullet and independent observers such as me who were against the shock doctrine madness that was DeMo. I covered the event from day zero till yesterday when it was definitely said by a RBI report that DeMo was a damp squib. From DeMo to the narrative spins such as Remonetisation by Jayant Sinha and Times Now to the case of shift goal posts from Black Money to Terrorism to standing in the serpentine lines in front of ATMs as National Duty, to Anand Mahindra calling it as a ‘Signalling Effect’ to Vijay Shekhar Sharma basking in its windfall, the technological society was the shangri la for Pragati.


The informal economy was crippled, millions lost jobs, family events were devastated, the personal lived experiences were mapped through my articles on Alochonaa (thanks to Dr Mubashar) and and media coverage in Forbes (Wade Shepard thank you) and the BBC. Big shocks to a complex economy fail if they do not have the right conditions for structural reform. The After DeMo (AD) era has been pretty Before DeMo. The delta is insignificant. Kudos for attempting the Big Bang reform though, however brashly thought over and delivered.


I have written a few thousand words over almost two years, which is my book project, although embedded in the larger realm of digital and looks through the lens of social change and sustainability. I was labelled many unkind epithets, during this process as I wrote and traveled independently over months all over the country cataloging these voices, drowned down by the hubris of epistocracy and nationalism sentiment. History however vindicates and public is never wrong. Yeh public hain, yeh sab jaanti hain.