4IR Skill

The challenge in the easy information retrieval and dissemination era aka digital is the ability to search for the right … More

The blurr

The phone and familiar People across the screen Video calling Chatting Instructing Showering care The mobile unites Albeit fleeting moments … More

Blk 708A

I miss Blk 708 A Kopitiam My dreams were ignited over a Teh Halia Had genuine friends Had a life … More


#iphone7 #nofilter #karakchaitales Some days there is simply the image As sorrow drowns out the story Then a painful silence … More

Data Point

We are all data points Digital tracks us into trends The outliers are zoomed out What was the research question … More

Retort as Privileged

The inherent capacity to react to inequalities is itself a privilege. Many just internalise it, as the power to react … More

Rethinking SIA

I am rather dumbfounded that social impact assessment practitioners for permitting and planning projects don’t utilise applied history as case … More


The promise of potential Stunted in its tracks The performance never happened Or did it? The act of performance Validates … More