Mumbai Floods Each Year

The flooding in Mumbai is a yearly affair, so it is nothing significant of note. Lives will be lost, properties impacted and concocted tales of positivity such as the resilience of the Mumbai played on loop. It is a heartless and soulless city of survivors who will take on anything to keep the meter ticking. From 11th July to 26th July, these dates will be etched in our environmental history as milestones of infamy. Everyone knows the problem, and the solution too. Before making cities smart and digital, cleaning sewers and fixing potholes is the smartest thing to do. And no climate resilience action plan is needed from MIT. The devolution of greater powers to the Mayor with authority to sign the checks is a good measure as a modest start. Climate resilient infrastructure is a multi year effort on various hierarchies as Mumbai is a city of Migrant dreams and a floating population with the ethnic community of the state a minority. Politics is more than roads, and it needs a different policy configuration for the Maximum City. Unbashed Development killed the Mithi River and the various natural eco tones in Thane. The next news cycle on PeeCee and Jonas will wash these thoughts away as well.


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