Poetry for Business

Poetry, and other narrative devices are crucial for business. Poetry helps in locating the human condition. The human condition is not all datafied to be plotted on a curve or fitted in to an algorithm. Markets are communities of people. Your consumer is a human. Analytics should be about meeting your consumer need. Tech Bros get derailed by their lack of empathy. Read poetry. Start with Rupi Kaur.

Rest in Peace, Mr. Bourdain

Bourdain’s work is anthropological and food was merely the pretext. Waiting for some grad school rookie to write this thesis proposal on parts unknown. Rest in Swag, Mr. Bourdain. A Vassar dropout, this judoka was as cool while speaking to Mr. Obama in Hanoi as he was asking the tough questions in his trips to conflict zones. Parts Unknown had a profound impact on me. A wide gaping chasm in the discourse on ideas.