Reskilling for the AI era

In the atomised hyper neo liberal AI hypercharged era, every employee has to be a value creator aka bring money on the table. The founder is not the only custodian of the risk arbitrage. Now the problem is- most of the education we get at college makes us risk averse and seeking the public sector gig, which is limited. Folks in West Bengal preparing for NET please note, there is a life outside government exams; May a starting off at a market research company or KPI shall help. YouTube is not for Cat Videos only. The gravity of text is passé in our online streaming MOOC generation.

The nature of the future of work is changing the very foundations of society as we rush through MRT or at the back of our share cab, invested in playing the latest game on our tab. Easy access to data is killing critical thinking which will replace your job by automation. The world is getting dumber by googling it. Privacy, Information bubbles, Information search skills and validation, creeping in on our lazy habits of copy and paste from the mail to writing lines of code to constructing poor arguments is only making the current employment crop very replaceable. The tsunami called future of work is knocking and most are plugged in on their headphones, not able to process the noise.

Coping from failure and relearning are the top skills for the future. Is someone preparing a course, to reskill for the AI era?

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