Banglar Kantha: The Community Paper with the big punch

Banglar Kantha as a community voice of the Bengali speaking diaspora in Singapore over the past decade has been spearheading efforts in delivering community support services and cultural empowerment. This massive effort is the brainchild of Shri. AKM Mohsin, who with his dogged determination to get the difficult story, has attracted his set of detractors which is usual for a community activist and journalist. You would not be doing your job as a journalist if you are too pally with the constituencies, one is reporting against. In the midst of this backdrop, Mohsin Bhai as he is affectionately known among well wishers, has worked on the best stories with prominent international media houses including the Washington Post. He was recently cited in a Straits Times OpEd by the Singaporean Prime Minister Lee, in welcoming the Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sk. Hasina to the Lion City, as the locally run Bengali Language Paper. This is a testimony to the selfless work of Banglar Kantha to keep the Bengali language alive in the print discourse in Singapore. This is inspite the diaspora rather than with the support of the elite within the community, as Banglar Kantha is the voice of the subaltern migrant rather than a tabloid for the kitty parties of the diaspora elite. Grit, takes sacrifice and the underlying ethos of Mohsin Bhai is of service, which is truly one of a kind. I wish Banglar Kantha all the power, in the days ahead. Cholte Thako!

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