The Data Delusion

The entire Cambridge Analytica debacle was expected in the era of the hyper digital. Technology in smart phones with fast and cheap data makes connectivity ubiquitous. There is an entire generation who are digital natives, who type on keyboards on their cell phones faster then they can write. This strain however causes, laziness and a tendency to take the digital as a panacea. Office work takes place on Facebook messenger groups and families share updates. Facebook whether we like it or not is ‘second nature’ for many to connect, as it does not cost a dime. The flip side for the cost neutral communication is privacy, where quite a few people of us feel that ‘I am not important’ even if my data is sold off for less than innocent ends. The digital era, has made digital ethics and privacy lessons mandatory to people and organisations alike to recapture the space where they have ceded to social internet. Critical thinking is the intellectual first responder in these times.

Social media, runs on our data, and it is time that we understand the ramifications rather than get stunned by the artificial filter bubbles created by firms such as Cambridge Analytica as data is the new oil for these firms. Information warfare with Alt Facts in the Post Truth era is real. Sadly very few understand. The danger is even more real and present for knowledge sector firms such as professional services and media.