Towards a Philosophy of Creative Practice

I have been writing since high school and seriously since first year of college, and the writing trajectory had been spaced into several formats; research papers to begin with, punctuated with articles and essays and more recently poems. My writerly practice is undergirded by a sense to respond to the machinations of the world around us and to create a response to create awareness through criticism and feedback. While this might not seem very creative in a conventional manner in a statement of artistic pedagogy and I have not attended MFA school yet. The world through social media echo chambers are monologues and monolithic, and real informed Deep engagement to stand the test of the refreshed feed on Twitter. While my writing is self consuming and speaks to the chaotic immediacy of our times where digital, migration, urbanity and sustainability (all intertwined themes that I scribble on) are the mega trends of our times. Different formats in framing a response evoke a varied sentiment. All written art does not need to have the character of haute couture, but needs to have a story to narrate in a distinctive voice, one which I hope that I am on the way to carve. This is my first attempt to frame a philosophy of writerly practice.

Expert Knowledge in the Data Age

In this data age, the resources with understanding will be rewarded, not surface level data, but insights which would add to Solutions and to the bottom line. Data means hardly anything if it can’t be monetised. Excess of data, means the reliance on search engines for access. Understanding and connecting the dots is more important. I have a sense that subject experts will be back with a vengeance, hitting the über generalists hard. We want safe and reliable systems right?