Youth means dreams are audacious

Adulting means bills increase

Aspirations contract

As the current account

In the last days of the month

Dreams, are energy

Colonial thinking is’nt merely Geography, but in imagination as well

Reality shrinks our dreams

Shrinks hope

In self Prophecy, our potential

In income

As everyday, materiality

Hence, the audacity of hope

The Wet Market in Oman; B&W Photo Essay/Poem

The Middle Aged Filipino Lady

Jostling for space as she buys Samak

For her curry

The Bengali from Chittagong

Selling farm fruits

In a wet market

In the heart of a Gulf Capital

These days,

Informal spaces as far from available

These days every inch is urban planned

The geotagged cartography

And food quality control regimes

Have no space for the informal

Wet markets have character

More than economics

Adds meaning to the terrain

The fish, fruits and the sugarcane juice

Beyond the Carrefour’s

A supply chain of the original kind

Where a bunch of bananas

Are a rial

The ethos in the shared space

Is however,


Field Notes from a Farm

With Moinul, who has worked on a farm in Suwaiq, Al Batinah North for eleven years. From Dhaka, he has worked in the farm sector only in Oman, and is far more fluent in Hindi rather than Bangla. He was kind enough to take me and my colleagues on a detailed tour of the farm.

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Writing Ourselves: Karak Chai Tales Episode One

We take the everyday in the Gulf with a pinch of salt, as something mundane and insignificant. When i announced the #KarakChaiTales series, I was met with the quintessential snigger, as something so minor that it is not valid enough to document, to write to bring it out in to the public discourse on ideas. Small things are interconnected with the larger canvas. There is very limited literature on the GCC except a handful of scholars whom I know very well. The life of the South Asian Migrant is worth noting down and making a story out of it. We are not, just remittance nodes?

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The Summer Slam: IPL Tamasha

IPL is the prime time summer theatre of ‘New India’ created by a certain Modi. Gripping, Delusional and Rootless, exemplifies the consumerism in the country. The franchises are companies with no local base and as a seasonal commodity, at times it seems that foreign players are playing against each other aimlessly. IPL destabilises the notion of loyalty in sport. It is a made for TV/Digital product with little of team sport. The tournament creates celebrities as commodities which are ultimately auctioned off. Commodities are products in the marketplace. IPL is a simulacrum, almost WWE-esque, scripted but the saving grace is the young talent which get the platform and the money, otherwise where would we find Rashid Khan from Afghanistan?

Karak Tales Over Chai

I am starting this series called #karakchaitales where so much happens over a 100 bz chai in the Gulf. Melting pots of banter, these are places to socialise in the region where affordable places to hang out are mostly in shopping malls where the beverage is 15x more pricey.

So what has been your Karak Chai story so far?

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Zuck gets grilled at the Hill

Data is the new oil. The biggest myth that got busted big time today as our data becomes a product. The digital sector is not naive. They think that we are naive and stupid, and those valley alpha males who code are smart and they can demolish institutions and norms. The political class at Capitol Hill got back at Palo Alto. We are not stupid was the message at the Zuckerberg hearing.

Zuckerberg did not do his homework. Money can’t buy you Leadership when grilled by an esteemed panel of senators.

Keep walking.

Writing a book for the last 18 months has taught me much about the digital sphere but more about me as a person. The topic is a moving target with a dynamic role of the digital in society, but I have learnt that how one thinks and articulated ideas in a way which the stakeholders shall accept is more important than what I convey. Being a non PhD means that academics and academic publications take you with a pinch of salt especially because I write on policy being an engineer. I have worked in places where this has been a massive handicap, but due to a few good souls who backed me, out of sheer generosity, I keep knocking at the door. I will complete my book for sure and make a Impact. I share my skills in my day job as a sustainability adviser, with curiosity, empathy and zest for making the system work.