The Eatery

Malayali Owner, Bangladeshi staff, cook from Kolkata. Mixed clientele from the truck driver, the daily wager to the office worker. Businesses navigate the everyday. #karakchaitales


Youth means dreams are audacious Adulting means bills increase Aspirations contract As the current account In the last days of the month Dreams, are energy Colonial thinking is’nt merely Geography, but in imagination as well Reality shrinks our dreams Shrinks hope In self Prophecy, our potential In income As everyday, materiality Hence, the audacity of … More Energy.

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The history of the Indian Diaspora is not one of software engineers in USA, UK and Canada, and sometimes an occasional entrepreneur or businessman….. but of a subaltern history in Africa and the Caribbean: Ram Guha in the NIF conversation with Amrita Shah

Keep walking.

Writing a book for the last 18 months has taught me much about the digital sphere but more about me as a person. The topic is a moving target with a dynamic role of the digital in society, but I have learnt that how one thinks and articulated ideas in a way which the stakeholders … More Keep walking.