Republic of Failed Dreams

The positive about Republic Day 2018, is the deepening of our relationship with the Nusantara. The negative is the marginalisation of many configurations on a day that we celebrate our flawed democracy. In 1950, granting voting rights to all citizens in a post colonial nation state scarred by partition, was audacious. A thought ahead of its time. Democracy though is not only about elections. It is not a chore. Rituals are moments to reassess and reflect on the journey. We are a nation where a group stalls discourse. This is democracy too. RK Nagar elections is also democracy.

Cow, Caste and Capitalism

Are totems

Of everyday life

Republic Day is an extended weekend

We hoist the flag

Sing the Anthem

Flutter flags

Purchased at the traffic signal

Haggled down to the paisa

With the homeless Street hawker

This is our democracy

Democracy is a packet of Biryani

We digest it easily

Debates are harder


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