Migrants are people who leave their homes to keep them Dignity is a luxury, as there are mouths to feed Home is often a Skype screen Where a grandpa tears to see his little angel The little angel does not fathom His sacrifices Christmas, Eid, Onam, Pongal Are dates on a digital calendar Lives are … More Absence.


This essential, but mundane carrier Everyday life is contained In the aluminium nest The basic unit of retail capitalism Most understated A non place object Trolley, is often empty At the end of the month Overflowing in the first week Consistent with the vagaries of life Push away as an orphan At the check out … More Trolley.

Writing Cities

When I started writing on cities five years back on changethinker, I could feel a connection with the urbane heart as i have written on Muscat, Mumbai, Delhi and Singapore and other places where I have travelled. I now realise that this urbanity book project was a precursor to my interest in urban design with … More Writing Cities