Food as History

Education is so linear as we learn to learn. The entire future of work argument hinges on put thinking the AI breathing robot. Creativity is reduced to neoliberal innovation to create disruptive value often expressed in the face value of the share price. The language of Dalal Street is really of its namesake of the Dalal, or the broker in Hindi. It surely has a perjorative ring to it. Education is not only of the post 1835 Macaulay kind, after the abolition of Persian as the language of the bureaucracy.

Traditional food and culture is as disconnected to Education as Sattoo (Bihari classic) is to Cheese. But food is more than just mere ingredients. It is a short hand for social history and a repository of cultural values. Bengali food is more than fish curry and is such a rich tapestry that it’s contours are getting lost in oral histories from grand mother to daughter and the grandson is cooking pasta at home. These stories in food and folklore is also Education; albeit of the civilisation kind. The reductionism of the deconstructed kind on culinary shows on the TV is simply mind boggling. Jiya Chakraborty Prasad is working on a draft capturing these narratives for posterity. History is too serious to be left to the historians.