The Key To Destiny

The key making trade is a diminishing one, in this era of 3D printing and all things digital. The art of replicating the humble key to the home is a simple necessity, but it needs a specific skill set. This key making store nestled in a petrol station, opposite to the building I grew up in Al Khuwair, Muscat is a place I have seen growing up but never been into; having been into a key making store for my rented nest, is probably a sign of coming of age at least in this city of my childhood.

The master key maker, took ten minutes to replicate my key. He used a bench pencil sharpener type tool to shape the metal in a pre fabricated mould, then with a knife chiseled through the corners and edges. He was a lean spectacled man concealing this real age. He has been in Oman for 28-29 years and he comes originally from the famed Maratha Mandir Theatre area in Mumbai.

The Future of Work paradigm, might not survive the key making profession, as it is a traditional trade.

The objective of this article is to capture a declining trade, relegated to the margins in this digital era. A truly anti digital skill.


Cities are emotional landscapes

Especially Home

There is no home

Sans the nostalgia

Emotions of adolescence

Odors, scents, fragrances

Of the Shwarma shop

The Friday buzz in Ruwi

Hamriya is just maniacal

Now, food courts In Bawshar

Are filled with patrons

The exchanges bulge in the first week

All these rhythms are emotions

Which make home, home.