The Key To Destiny

The key making trade is a diminishing one, in this era of 3D printing and all things digital. The art of replicating the humble key to the home is a simple necessity, but it needs a specific skill set. This key making store nestled in a petrol station, opposite to the building I grew up in Al Khuwair, Muscat is a place I have seen growing up but never been into; having been into a key making store for my rented nest, is probably a sign of coming of age at least in this city of my childhood.

The master key maker, took ten minutes to replicate my key. He used a bench pencil sharpener type tool to shape the metal in a pre fabricated mould, then with a knife chiseled through the corners and edges. He was a lean spectacled man concealing this real age. He has been in Oman for 28-29 years and he comes originally from the famed Maratha Mandir Theatre area in Mumbai.

The Future of Work paradigm, might not survive the key making profession, as it is a traditional trade.

The objective of this article is to capture a declining trade, relegated to the margins in this digital era. A truly anti digital skill.

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