Economic Survey 2018: Climate Change Focus

The economic survey 2018 is wonderful at first glance with intersectionalities in big data, intriguing questions and cross tie in’s. Last years survey was amazing read with GIS data and heat mapping visualisation. I personally thanked Dr Arvind Subramanian after the survey last year at Alliance Francaise Delhi at Milan Vaishnav’s book launch, when I … More Economic Survey 2018: Climate Change Focus

Be Art.

It is the thought process behind the writing which is priceless. The aesthetic moulds the thought, as a scaffold waiting to be seeded. But, where is the perfection, the full bloom. Is perfect, brilliant? Do we have to cage art in the metrics of neoliberal KPI’s? The outcome is often the thought, fully expressed, in … More Be Art.


The current dispensation is turning Jinnah’s two nation theory right. It’s natural they are from the right. On a day where we celebrate our inclusive constitutional rights. The margins get more distant by the day in Aurangabad to Una to Gurgaon, the commercial and administrative heart of India. I have not even mentioned Kupwara and … More 26012018

All The Money In The World: A Movie on Global Capitalism

All the money in the world is a period classic ( early 1970’s again as the spotlight) on the attitude and dynamics of wealth with an oil billionaire Getty, and the kidnapping of his grandson in Rome. It has all the trappings of the times; 1948 Saudi Arabia and the Hejaz Railway, Playboy interviews, the … More All The Money In The World: A Movie on Global Capitalism

Meditation on Writing

Writing is a bodily action. The moment one focuses on the subject with the black document in front of oneself, it’s a communication between the writers thoughts and the voice trying to explain in the best possible manner. The flow is there sometimes, attempting to gush out at a ferocious velocity, screaming to express. Those … More Meditation on Writing

Training better engineers

Paradoxically, being trained in Sociology and Health Communication (by practice and research) makes me a better engineer and science communicator as an Environmental and Social Impact Practitioner. As Spivak says, liberal arts is the gym of the mind.