Be Art.

It is the thought process behind the writing which is priceless. The aesthetic moulds the thought, as a scaffold waiting … More


The current dispensation is turning Jinnah’s two nation theory right. It’s natural they are from the right. On a day … More

Republic of Failed Dreams

The positive about Republic Day 2018, is the deepening of our relationship with the Nusantara. The negative is the marginalisation … More

Meditation on Writing

Writing is a bodily action. The moment one focuses on the subject with the black document in front of oneself, … More

Training better engineers

Paradoxically, being trained in Sociology and Health Communication (by practice and research) makes me a better engineer and science communicator … More

2019 has begun in Davos

Modi ji started his re election campaign for 2019 today in Hindi with Sanskrit chanting and quotes from Rabindranath Tagore, … More