Year in Writing: In Review

I count my blessings in having a wonderfully supportive partner and family, in my most experimental year till date. I published my first poetry in Banglar Kantha edited by Mohsin Malhar Da. I wrote a full long length story on Singaporean NGO Politics for the platform too. I thank Mohsin Da for his support over the past three years.

I wrote a series on DeMo and Digital as well as edited Alochonna from Delhi, thanks to Prof Mubashar Hasan, for who I pray that he comes back safe and sound. I started writing on cinema for The World of Apu edited by Ramchander Krishna and Anusha Srinivasan as well. I wrote my first poetry collection and curated a photo essay on Migrants.

This year started off in Kolkata and the new few months were spent in Delhi writing my book draft on Digital Modernity and consulting for non profits. I wrote an article on homelessness shelters in East Delhi on the banks of the Yamuna during last winter. I was however not paid for this assignment among others. Perils of independent work took a hit on the financial end. However, I have learnt a lesson or two on entrepreneurship. I end the year in Muscat where I work on projects which I am passionate, and contribute to projects of national significance.

I write, hence I am. Happy Holidays!

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