Limits of Theory

Equity as rhetoric (in the democratic left context) is the yeast to knead the neoliberal dough. The academics of the card carrying Global Left do enjoy the wine and cheese after the pricey conferences (which they should and rather privilege should not be limited to bankers and tech VC’s)

Money makes the world go around, even the pro market NITI Aayog Vice Chair went back to his secure job in New York while he supported neoliberal policies.

Real world activism has a price. Nifty theory is just incredible intellectual stimulation. Just limited to that.


Vashi, Al Khuwair and Clementi

Areas, in three cities

Three countries, rather

We belong to places

Memories, images, nostalgia

Globalisation does not meaning a thing

Hyper local, is the identity

The tapri, The kopitiam and the tea corner

Cutting chai, Tea Halia and Karak Chai

Zoom in on the human experience

The consciousnesses is a tapestry

Of sounds, attachments and flavours