Gujarat Polls Decoded

Gujarat election result is expected, that the invincible BJP will win; a close race was ruled out by and wake up call for the ruling dispensation. Amit Bhai’s Mission 150, busted for good is an excellent result for the Congress. The myth of absolute might of the election winning machinery of Modi ji-Amit Bhai has been disrupted. Rahul ji has got his playbook right; local leaders such as Jignesh and Hardik, Hindu Politics which is not rabid and a pleasant image, espousing approachability. This election will have spill over effects for neighboring Rajasthan and the states of Madhya Pradesh/CG.

The opposition needs rebooting with the HAJ model. New faces on the ground and a freshness away from Lutyens. It was three young leaders who saved the day for the Congress. The established leaders on the contrary lost. We don’t need Prashant Kishore’s of the world with their laptop politics, but on the ground leaders. Elections are won on the ground on polling day rather than online. There is however the politics of Watsapp forwards, and the 66A issue.

If these are implemented in the next year, there will be a contest for 2019. Otherwise it will be a walkover.

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