What is language needed for reimagining the status quo, to curate an alternative. It certainly cannot be the same static vocabulary of the problem to search for a solution. How do we start thinking about job creation in post IT India in the age of AI or Post Oil GCC with the same constraints of … More Language/Innovation


Just saw a pic of Tiny Roaster, a chic cafe in Sunset Way where we lived next door at East Lodge for many years. We passed the place for our 1.5 SGD Teh Halia at the 108A Food Park Kopitiam next to it, where I spent many a weekend. The Clementi Boy within me never … More Visual/Nostalgia


18k hits on I started this platform about 8 years or 72 months back precisely as i started to document my writings and generally capture fleeting thoughts, as a digital repository of ideas. A lot of positive developments have happened including TV panel discussion spots at BBC and Al Jazeera, multiple interviews/quotes in Forbes, … More 18k

Building a Reading Community in Oman: steps towards a knowledge economy

It was a windy evening in Muscat in a climate which can be depicted as significant; weather wise and symbolically . This weather is a sign of the times in Oman. The country is in the midst of a shift towards a post oil future. Reading is often considered the edifice of a innovation economy. … More Building a Reading Community in Oman: steps towards a knowledge economy

An Ado over nothing

With all the talk about disruption, are we disrupting anything meaningful? No one is talking about disrupting poverty and hunger, only e commerce business models. Is the disrupting required, or is the transformation talk all rhetoric?