Articulations about Sustainability 

Sustainability is an oxymoron, even professionals vaguely understand it as quote a definition from 1987 Brundtland Report. Sustainable development is understood to be different aspects to disparate stakeholders. The context is the king maker. Every geographic reality will have unique demands. Environmental, Social and Economic Strands are deeply intertwined in ways more nuanced than simplistic portrayals of portraits. 
Sustainability has an element of social and ecological justice operationalised into politics through policy, programs, projects and tactics. Sustainability at its heart is liveable communities at the sidelines of a rapidly urban space. Sustainability lies at the disciplinary borderlands of theory, praxis and imagination for a better world, undergirded by geopolitics, local governance and the neoliberal instinct to make a quick buck. 
Reimagining Sustainability is a hollow tag line if there has not been enough thought to think through the limitations of a climate change skeptic polity, identity driven articulations of every day life and the sheer mad rush for the bottom line. Rhetoric makes buy ins temporary, and rule books don’t make clean air, will to do things for a healthier world does.

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