Arundhati Roy: The Public Intellectual’s Arguments 

Arundhati Roy has her own seminar circuit audience in left liberal circles globally. She has a good livelihood from the incredible GOST royalties, and her lesser known, although powerfully written non fiction work which I am fortunate to have read line by line. Not all her writings are on the K issue, read Doctor and the Saint, in which she intellectually demolishes the myth of Mohandas. The Lancet talk is a good starting point at UCL a couple of years back. Folks might not agree to the entire basket of arguments she which makes including me, including critically questioning India as a political project by mocking it as an upper caste ‘Hindu corporate State’. Detractors do her a lot of good, by trolling her including a MP, Singer among others. 
The best way to counter public intellectuals is to engage with them, and ignore them where it hurts them the most. The hype is only helping her make more money by advanced orders of her new fiction book, a decade in writing and two decades after the seminal Booker Prize winning work. Suzanna’ s critique of post liberalisation India is the best diagnosis around. Read her long read on Antilla.

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