Dilli, a Poem

Delhi, an ancient cityEver evolving, ever conservative  With extremes, creating spaces for inclusion and exclusion  A melting pot, or is … More

A quip on scholarship 

Scholarship is not a popularity contest. It cannot be equated with Facebook shares and retweets.It takes real hard work to … More

Unnecessary media coverage 

I am amused by the reporting of tightening of NZ/Australia/Singapore citizenship/visa norms in the Indian Media. Every country has their … More

Non Profits: Avoid the Glitz

Too many non profits with glitzy communication, fundraising pages on crowd sourcing websites, bespoke walking tours and talks at elite … More

Memory, Migrant and Modernity 

Modernity for an economic migrant internal/transnational is a mirage, something he tries to achieve while being disadvantaged apriori by starting … More