Achche Din 2.0: Demonetisation gets a thumbs up at the ballot box

The electoral map of India is saffron. Modi ji since 2012, has done his job. The inherent Hindu sentiment is voting at the ballot box. Radical policy decisions such as DeMo is translated as strong development signals. The Indian Developmental dream, is seductive. The post caste era is here. Achche Din with Majoritarian Developmental Politics. 
The flip side is a total demolition of the secular opposition. Punjab has voted for the Maharaja of Patiala, and not the GOP. AAP becomes opposition in Punjab, although a distant second. 2019 will be a greater mandate as the footprint is expanding, with Karnataka and Manipur. The Maharashtra Municipal Polls were a BJP show. Odisha as well. 
The opposition simply does not have a personality of the lines of the Prime Minister, like him or hate him. The hard work, the energy is evident. Few parts of India apart from the Deep South are away from its reach. Kanyakumari also has a BJP MP. 
Opposition please fight polls to at lease present a credible face; Mamata di, Nitish Saheb are oasis bearers. 
Maurya ji, BJP UP President quips on NDTV: 
‘Demonetisation ka virodh, Narendra Bhai ka virodh aur PM ka virodh Uttar Pradesh bardhasth naheen kar sakta’ or in English 
The criticism of Demonetisation is the critique of Narendra Modi, and the critique of Narendra Modi Uttar Pradesh cannot tolerate’
We will have a more affirmative regime from now on. HCU,JNU and others are small blips on the radar.

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