The Himal South Asian Debate: rough notes

The Digital is such as muzzled space. Automated propaganda/clicks do not mean much if you do not have a sticky business model, clicks do not mean anything, Madhu Trehan quips. Digital has a certain immediacy and builds a counter narrative, but forwards other perspectives when TV and print is lagging. There is an independent space as Seema Mustafa says. Hartosh Singh Bal, is demolishing the sacrosanct space which the digital professes to be. 
Journalists have to listen to the ideas of the other (remember Trump). There is a space for good stories irrespective of the medium. Himal South Asian is moving Digital and to Colombo physically. 

Just a thought on the side: why can’t independent media just run on philanthropy cash? Forget about profit for a while, and write good stories?


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