The Post Caste Politics Paradigm is here

With a clear majority in the Rajya Sabha, Modi ji will decide everything from President to Big Bang reforms, Demonetisation was one certainly. A new political imagination is getting institutionalised with secular, caste being relegated to the bin. A clear muscular narrative with a majoritarian bent is commonplace. Prof Yogendra Yadav calls it the ‘Indira Gandhi Moment’ with a pro poor shift in voice; MNREGA, Loan Waiver etc. The game is for 2019 and beyond.

Like Political Islam in Egypt, Turkey and Malaysia; the BJP is mainstreaming the ‘Political Hindu’, with a greater discursive space for the post caste era, ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas’ is community blind as it is a new vocabulary to dismantle the Mandal Construct. Social Justice is fashioned beyond affirmative action aka reservations. 
On a side note, the Lutyens Seminar Set, is as detached from the ground as ever, and I can observe a new intellectual elite emerging with Sanjeev Sanyal and Hindol Sengupta challenging the traditional knowledge class.

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