Innovation needs context 

Innovations particularly for the so called base of the pyramid communities , needs a buy in from local stakeholders including bureaucrats. Innovation has to ride the dominant narratives to be accepted, refer to any technology diffusion curve including the gas powered versus electrical refrigerators in the early 20th century. One of the major reasons for application based innovation on the smart phone, is the prevalence of a value chain, and many refugees/ migrants have the smart phone (declining data pack prices and speeds help, the ecosystem again). Shelter solutions have seen various iterations, but it needs land to pitch one, rather than one thin air. Land is resource and political. The context is king. It needs more thinking on the ground in the global south, and needs iteration for certain operating environments. Scale needs time, and needs a plug in to established value chains, as product centred innovation is a lot tougher than advocacy and outreach. Build teams, platforms and solidarity.

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