Social Justice and Uber: thoughts on civility 

The shaming of the Uber CEO by the driver is important as, the tech class’s belief in disruption is often in disregard to the members of the ecosystem that they operate in. No Sir, every one is entitled to ‘disrupt’ the bubble echo chamber that you operate in. I have seen too many start up founders verbally create mayhem (read abuse) in conference rooms, conference calls and in corner room cubicles. and I have been at the receiving end too, as have worked at start ups. This alpha male tendency cannot be traded for ‘leadership’. Leadership is contextual, looking down upon a driver who is the engine of your business especially for Uber is not business friendly to the least. The collective action in Delhi two weeks back was painful but justice for them. The digital, Start Up whether for profit or commercial and innovation/disruption are all utilised in the same breath. Peter Thiel’s ‘Zero to One’ has spoilt Start Ups. Start ups in the digital economy, operate within a sociopolitical material reality, and sharing economy needs collective action safeguards. Sexual Harassment Grievance Redressal Cells, as exemplified by the Uber case, and many other in the IT sector have to be there, no discussion needed. Corporate Citizenship starts in the next cubicle. Government’s need to better audit new economy firms for age old vices. The narrative of progress is hollow if you cannot respect your staff. Lean Start Ups, can outsource all functions, apart from HR as they are responsible for more than onboarding. I am glad that another facet of the digital, has led these important conversations we need as a start up ecosystem. The guts of the woman engineer to write the Uber blog article is old school whistle blower. More power to her.

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