My Concepts.

I have been attributed to coining two terms which have been published and cited, being a non PhD so far it has been deeply gratifying:

‘Desi Khaleeji’ – encapsulates the lived experience of generations of south Asians in the Gulf who feel at home in Dubai rather than passport address back in South Asia. I published an essay on this topic in a creative-critical book published by Swalif Publishing in Abu Dhabi. The term has been debated and vociferously critiqued in webinars by significant gulf watchers.

‘Hindu Nationalist Intellectual Architecture’ was a term I introduced in a column for The Tilak Chronicle with whom I was a weekly contributor for a year. The term was picked up by Dr Sanjaya Baru for his book , The New Indian Power Elite, and I have a citation there.

For a person who was deemed to be a person unfit for a scholarship once upon a time by a certain supervisor, two concepts for a writer, if not a pretentious scholar is a contribution to the discourse none the less.

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