My Concepts.

I have been attributed to coining two terms which have been published and cited, being a non PhD so far it has been deeply gratifying:

‘Desi Khaleeji’ – encapsulates the lived experience of generations of south Asians in the Gulf who feel at home in Dubai rather than passport address back in South Asia. I published an essay on this topic in a creative-critical book published by Swalif Publishing in Abu Dhabi. The term has been debated and vociferously critiqued in webinars by significant gulf watchers.

‘Hindu Nationalist Intellectual Architecture’ was a term I introduced in a column for The Tilak Chronicle with whom I was a weekly contributor for a year. The term was picked up by Dr Sanjaya Baru for his book , The New Indian Power Elite, and I have a citation there.

For a person who was deemed to be a person unfit for a scholarship once upon a time by a certain supervisor, two concepts for a writer, if not a pretentious scholar is a contribution to the discourse none the less.

A South Asian Mecca

Fascinating talk which was illuminating as came to know that south Asians comprised of one third the population of Mecca on the eve of the First World War and that Indian Independence Stalwart Azad was born in Mecca to an Arab mother in the year 1888. I would like to know how many Arabs lived in Bombay, Karachi and Calcutta in the same time period.

The Roy Bar Sadeh Talk

Operationalizing Dignity.

Mapping Human Rights Risks amongst the ESG landscape is an opportunity to operationalize dignity in the value chains, where salaries are paid in time, proper facilities are provided and any at risk employees are provided adequate tools to be offered a safety net as a normal worker. Context is again imperative in such complex journeys.