Triple Decolonisation

I read this book during the pandemic when I was writing professionally during the pandemic, and this book spoke to me and was a kind of work and scholarship which would be a benchmark. As an independent scholar it would be unlikely for me to find a PhD which would fund me, but hope to self fund with my engineering work in the days ahead.

A classic

The Amrutalaya.

The Chai Store.

The chai tapri in a gentrified format with neat space to sit and have a bite. These quotidian spaces are the social nodes of Mumbai where chai chats are ruptures in the rhythm of the maximum city.

The owner operator of this store runs it with one more staff and serves everything from Maggi to Garlic Bread.

Think Fundamentals.

In the flutter of disclosure standards chaos and data deluge about ESG and sustainability, we often forget the first principles underpinning the climate and ESG zeitgeist is of trust and transparency. ESG is a method to think with/through risks for resilience for responsible capitalism.

The ability to think through the fundamentals is key to building a climate and people positive future.