Beyond Tier 1 HRDD

Human rights from a corporate perspective from the lens of the global south is a matter of vendor compliance in adherence to EU CSRD and a plethora of emergent legislation’s. The compliance is normally enterprise level and tier 2 vendors at the maximum yet the rot lies hidden from the audit gaze. In the era of activist transparency, human rights needs to be deeper with greater vendor accountability through long term interventions, in a cross stakeholder fashion to bring out tangible change which ultimately can be reported. Unlike carbon, human rights compliance is an everyday operational affair. Good health and safety is human rights as well, and Eurocentric moorings of human rights can be incorporated into local registers of understanding, as good work makes for motivated employees and charged millennial end users.

There is a business case for going beyond compliance for human rights. If the civil society can find loop holes being bottom up, the corporations can do the same in a collaborative approach. Imagination and intention solves problems.

Humans create infrastructure

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