Purpose+Profit: A Book Review

It’s not often that I wolf down a book on ESG during a work week. However, some works of accessible scholarship entail that kind of attention. Profit + Purpose is an intellectual tour de force which provides a ring side view to how sustainability can be operationalized on the ground from a PE Fund focused on SDGs to the B Corp movement.

The author explicitly lays bare the issues with making sustainability happen through projects and that intentions are not enough.

Doing good should not be impossible, it should be the only way to do business. The lens on implementation is refreshing and case studies educate rather than pontificate through high theory.

The writing is direct and is meant for the manager on the frontline of the sustainability trenches.

Must read for all sustainability professionals.

The Year of Writing in Review-2022

A ritual that keeps the writer in me accountable, this year has been a time to realize why I write, and it is for impact, to create narratives that aid change. A couple for Tatvita-Analysts and one for IHRB with Adrian Pereira Sir.

Three academic conference acceptances from HKU, Sunway University and Manipal on good topics related to labor. I have also submitted a book chapter currently under review. There were missed deadlines due to geographical transitions and family emergencies which caused stress and a block, which took some time to reflect reconcile and negotiate.

I hope to contribute more to the practitioner-policy literature and hope along the way theory is built from praxis. I thank sponsors, supervisors and mentors who supported me and those pulled the plug on me despite doing everything, however the mosaic of life falls into place, so each tough step is imbued with meaning and purpose. So grateful for the setbacks as those teach us more than the good times.

A special mention to Adrian Pereira Vaibhavi Pingale Guna Subramaniam Junice Yeo for the writing opportunities that I treasure as each feedback loop is a precious learning curve.

I blogged each day this year, and have plenty of ideas on ESG, labor and the human side of the emissions transition to write in the coming year.

In Gratitude.