Turkiye In Indian Skies.

Lovely to hear Turkish in two spice jet flights in a row this week.

The aircraft cabin is a theatre of emotions in a global workspace of airport workers.

Corendon Airlines from Turkey which has taken over Indian carrier spice jet has made the airline as Turkish as possible with a lineup of Turkish cabin crew filling the cabin with melodious notes as they are not able to understand what the passenger is speaking nor do the patrons understand English refracted through an Ottoman palette.

M&As are cultural exchanges and a couple of flights indicate a few months of synergies to be unlocked. A few of the seniors of the cabin crew it seems were having a second career in India and I am glad that we are not the ones that seek a global life.

The airline cabin was a ‘contact zone’ of cultures with the cabin crew struggling with Hindi announcements and promptly switching to the recorded version, an early form of emotionally void automation in the air.

The amount of care the cabin crew had to do with price sensitive patrons is exemplary as the language gap was significant, though they were polished as ever.