Build Back Better 2021

2020, a year benefitting many new metaphors and semi baked vocabularies has been a year of brisk learning while being in one city the entire year, probably for the first time in my life. As a writer and researcher, I love travel however I made up for it by walking the bylanes of Pune. Travel is measured in miles rather it should be gauged in understanding the depth of the place. Which place has the best Chai for instance. Or which Kirana store was open serving the community in the heart of the pandemic lockdown.

Having made a pivot to writing as a career thanks to the pandemic, being Aatma Nirbhar is not that hard. Fear is all that needs to be conquered along with resetting of desires. Working on writing and institution building of ventures begins with the mind. As chaos stifles the imagination. The pandemic has caused a stuttering of the mind as the normal sublimated into the unknown abyss of the radical present. Build back better, is more than jargon this crisis.

I wish we can travel at ease in 2021. Wishing everyone a safe and blessed new year.


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