Migrant Worker Dialogue Day 2

The Full Zoom Session

Day Two of the Global Migration and Development Forum 2021 Dubai Indian Strategic Stakeholder Consultations with speakers such as Prof Ginu Zach​​ and Mehru ji along with representatives from IOM, ILO, Non Profits such as India Migration Now and Community Representatives such as Oman. Glad to join in.

Amazing work by CIMS Kerala Team Parvathy Devi​​ , Rafeek ji and Akhil.

There were important threads regarding migration especially data paucity, subversion of rules by workers such as under reporting of age by domestic workers, the weak nature of bilateral MoUs with destination countries.

I really liked what Mehru ji, a senior migrant rights activist from Bahrain said regarding migrant workers, when a migrant worker goes to the Gulf, the expectations of the family financially goes with him.

The ATM Mentality of the families are critical in the paucity of bargaining prowess of the worker. The migration debt shackles the worker as well.

Migration academics, ground level community worker in the diaspora (can the Khaleej be called that ?) and businesses have to work closely with the state moving beyond the white paper, which no one reads.