Kutchi Vahans.

Dhows, Mausam, Akhar, Vahan and Kutchi Labour. Such an insightful peek in to the lives that man the waves with the wife at home operating the backend by Prof Nidhi Mahajan.

Low tech regional globalisation, that is under the radar which mobility conversations that are on the margins.

The Jamia-Wits Remote Conference on Indian Ocean Circulations has been quite phenomenal in the overkill of webinaritis.

The Why of ‘Le Thinnai Kreyol’ Project

The NYU AD Class

The Le Thinnai Kreyol Founders Prof Ananya and Ari Anna, introducing the epistemic foundations of this globally ground up research project on Creole Circulations for Prof Toral Gajarawala’s class at NYU Abu Dhabi.

This was a deep dive into the varied understanding of the initiative which is a glorious illustration of what it means to create a ‘safe space for refugees from the hegemonic narrative’.

The academic analycal rigor of deciphering the text was refreshing given the ivory tower audience.

Ari Anna explained how he writes his stories and the why behind his words.

Documentary Infrastructure of Dhow Capitalism by Prof Fahad Bishara

Ruz-nama of Al Failakawi

Brilliant presentation on ‘contractual circuitry of circulation’ of Dhow Capitalism and Bazaars by Prof Fahad Bishara @TheNakhoda in the Jamia-Wits Indian Ocean Circulations Remote Conference. I am massive fan of his book’The Sea of Debt’. There is so much of Masqat in the book, my Bayt.

Present day Gujarat, Gulf Ports and Basra were intimately connected, and the region is connected through documentary infrastructure such as captain log books or ruz-namahs and payment notes.