Saturday Thinnai Matinee Farashi Conversations.

Saturday Evenings with Thinnai Matinee with Ari Anna and Prof Ananya led ground up globally networked Creole Cultures Research Initiative ‘Le Thinnai Kreyol’. Today the conversation focused on French-Bengali Connections with Prof Annu from NUS and Mr. Joy Banerjee. Great fun lah as always on many levels.

This one is closer ‘home’ as i am a NUS alum, have worked there as well in migrant worker research at the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences.

Good convergence on issues hardly spoken about in popular culture anymore such as the horrid Bengal Famine. And the French in the seminar with three Bengali speakers is not an issue really as I grew up listening to French Rai Music in Muscat. French is a pleasant language like Bangla.

I start a PhD soon pandemic permitting.