Year in Writing 2020

There was a paradigm shift in my writing career in 2020 even prior to the pandemic as I started writing regular columns from December 2019 onwards. I wrote a weekly column from December 2019 to August 2020 for The Tilak Chronicle, before I decided to take a pause to work on my book project. 40 plus articles for The Tilak Chronicle has been a joy. I also have written 4 articles on Migration and the Gulf for The Empire Diaries too. I have written two articles each for The Asian Geek on tech & society, and Intangible Mag (in Spanish by translation).

I wrote an article for The Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington DC which was a milestone intellectually. In expanding the conversation on humanising ESG I wrote a series of 6 articles for the Yahya Engineering Blog, where I do my private sector advisory work in the Gulf. I contributed an article to an upcoming Gulf Media Initiative in Doha.

This year of writing has been truly the joy of intensely researching my book project on the Invisible Gulf, where I have written half the draft which is an ethnographic counter archive.

I continue to aggressively pitch to media outlets knocking for opportunities while making a living as an independent writer and researcher this year, thanks to the pandemic pause.