Last Mile Delivery of Digital Governance- A Photo Essay

The Primary School which doubles up as an Aadhar Centre in Hadapsar, Pune
The School.
The face of digital public goods delivery.

The Aadhar details update process is a rather straight forward one, the Maha e-service centre in our urban village Devachi Uruli on the outskirts of Pune helps in arranging an appointment as well as filling up the form for the main Aadhar office which is a classroom in a primary school in Hadapsar. The biometric and computer terminal is operated by a Hijabi Mother-Daughter duo who run a smooth set up as a node of last mile digital governance in India.

The Aadhar is the edifice of public goods delivery in the country and is a part of the everyday from the Bank to the Sim Card. It’s time it’s ubiquitous nature is understood in its own terms.