Pick the Correct Fights

The chatter in the Singaporean Digital Public Sphere of residency and visa categories is vociferous bordering viscous, legit keeping the fear about livelihoods. I got talked down when I called out an unreasonable comment with a counter being caste, which is not really a great quid pro quo, as I am not the one supporting any sort of discrimination.

All said and done, the fear is palpable and I do care as a person who supports Singapore wholeheartedly. The uphill task for job creation and maintenance is not the Fallen Talent or the ungrateful PR who will take away the rightful job of the Son of the Soil, the second generation citizen onwards. In this era of remote work almost all service and IT sector work can be done in other parts of Asia at a fraction of a cost.

As a professional who helps run a policy consulting remote ensemble through digital value chains, i can offer more insights including a book chapter that i am writing.

The battle for the future of work is truly underway.

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