Move the Needle.

Pre Pandemic Normal: You are not focused, you do so many things at the same time Moni. You have a diverse cv so where do we place you?

Pandemic Semi Normal: You have done so many things Moni, moved across countries and industries Moni. Can you tell us how to navigate change Moni?

It takes grit to move contexts, and take losses as data points. CV is a reflection of the past and certainly not a blueprint for the pandemic present.

As a writer and entrepreneurial doer, we start from a blank screen, and the article or the business is a zero to one journey always.

The Aborted Dream

The Great Indian Dream. Remembering Siddhartha Deb’s book out of which his chapter was smudged out in the Indian Edition. My hard copy was purchased in Singapore.

Luck finally ran out of a person who at one point exemplified the post liberalisation small town global aspirations.