This term of the BJP is for long standing ideological projects as have been seen. This mandate shall not be wasted and things will be done in a hurry after TT, CAA, Mandir. There is electoral sanction for it. The AAP and INC have celebrated it. After the Delhi polls i had written in my column for The Tilak Chronicle that the electoral software has been rebooted, and each party is deeply Hindu apart from AIMIM. The right firmament is now also on the center. Shiv Sena is with the Congress and NCP, both parties having secular credentials. AAP is BJP lite with AK63 speaking to Times Now.


Rabri on the boil, outside a favourite daily in Hadapsar, Pune in a Social Distancing way. The whiff of the intoxicating saffron in the air cannot be grasped in a still photo. The olfactory dimension is the limitation of this artistic medium. The everyday during the pandemic is punctuated by the sensory. Food is a site to gauge the continuity of the everyday.