Bengal Loses Again

Today many(Sarvarna Hindu)Bengalis will ponder about 1947 and 1971 again. Was religion worth the decision to surrender rule to Delhi, via Lucknow and now Gandhinagar. Bengalis saw 1905 as a snippet.

The gross indifference seen today would not have been any different from Rawalpindi or Dhaka as we have seen today from the masters in Delhi. Non hindi speaking states effectively don’t matter in our governance. 42 seats out of 542. Not even ten percent.

The reading of history makes one to revisit counter factuals. India needs to rekindle the federal ethic again. Bengal did give the BJP 18 seats in 2019. I wonder what are they doing. Will not blame others.

The Intellectual Journey of Prof Sanjoy: Excellent Podcast

This rather long podcast conversation between Dr Matt and Prof

Sanjoy Bhattacharya has so many gems.
For me it was 1. Criticality and Rigor in History Writing
2. Policy-History Interface
3. Global as an opportunity for solidarity. Inclusive Definitions of the term ‘Global’
4. Unlocking unknown voices and experiences
I never had a formal opportunity to study history formally, however it has never stopped me my hacking my learning curve.