Travel is the biggest education

When I was growing up, with a massive shutter and severe confidence issues including periodic bouts of obesity- all that I wanted was to write, and immerse myself in worlds I have not travelled. One of the pluses of a policy consulting life has been travel, meeting people gauging in lives much more interesting than mine. I admire folks who are well traveled such as marine engineers who have been friends and mentors in Singapore not necessarily the most well read, but their tales can fill up a library.

I admire polymaths, who translate their complex work lives in a mellifluous manner in to words, think of a Atul Gawande or a Siddhartha Mukherjee.

Experiences we obtain are a privilege. Education is a singular dimension. Traveling with an authentic spirit to learn, is true education. Not for Instagram but for oneself. No Zoom call can replace physicality of experience which comprises the ‘ruuh’ or essence of being. I hope we can travel again, sometime.