Grappling with a Narrative Collapse

The biggest problem in this pandemic climate is hopelessness. What was sold by the dream business as what life should be and what the earning reality is, is a massive delta. When hope crashes, what else do we clutch on as an anchor? What makes it so hard to recalibrate ones choices, or reboot to the new normal. We are in a collective mess, a narrative collapse in the words of writer Venkatesh Rao. The world will still need food, water, sanitation, data and education. And yes good health care. The world has just graduated to a new job.

A CBA for Migrant Workers

For a firm business case for migrants, there needs to be a study regarding how much do migrants, especially temporary guest workers and circular migrant workers add to the economy of the host city. A clean Cost Benefit Analysis would clear the air, in case the pandemic did not make it evident enough. Remember‘Essential Services’?
I read a study regarding foreign domestic workers in Hong Kong which was informative.