Deliver Everyday Justice Through the Pay Check

By the way, India is still running, people are working and life is going on.

NRC and CAA, in spite of being deeply flawed are not the only agendas being pursued in this country. There is a fumbling economy to be arrested and brought to health.

If oppression is to be tackled, the emphasis on being just in our daily lives is more salient. If you are a lawyer, help your staff in getting documentation. I have worked under a dynamic Bihari Muslim Entrepreneur, and he was the most fair boss ever (thank you!). Hire more minorities in your business. Give them scholarships. Deliver justice in real terms. Dharna for a day makes for a good sharable picture on social media.

Speak to the Muslim auto driver who takes on a Hindu name to survive. Bigotry is just underneath the surface. The fear even if we wish to deny, is present.

Understand the issues, learn Urdu, Farsi and Arabic to delve in their world view. I speak Arabic well, grew up in the Gulf and understand the Indian Muslim, they are as diverse as anyone. Being Muslim is only one layer on their sense of self.

I enjoy being blocked by western liberal academics holding OCI cards who feel assaulted when i write supporting CAA, but don’t understand that as a cultural insider, i have worked under and with Muslims all my life. As an entrepreneur, i have always hired Muslims and Christians when i can as jobs support families.

Instead of protesting on social media, hire a poor Muslim PhD student who will go on and support the community intellectually and financially.

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