Analysing Politics of CAA

Dissent should be ideally expressed at the ballot box. The street protests will only galvanise the core voter of the current dispensation and will backfire. Bad optics will hurt investor sentiment in the short run but no major player wants to miss out on the massive domestic consumption in India. Years of mixed economy, made India build internal capacity in every sector.

The big plus is the emergence of an opposition which is not in the hands of the high command. Asad Saab and Kejriwal are the biggest beneficiaries in the long run.

Good to see some middle class josh. The poor will still vote for reduced corruption at the point of service access such as public hospitals.

The BJP with NRC and CAA has written off power in Assam already. Bengal 2021 majority and Rajya Sabha MPs with it and 44 seats in Bengal and Tripura will make up for 13 seats in Assam.

UP and Bihar politics don’t operate out of liberal seminar halls.

Don’t miss the woods for the trees.