The Gulf Middle Class is a vernacular extension of the psycho geography of South Asia, a global Mofussil never at ease at home and the home overseas. This liminal life however has the cover of low end globalisation but is a model of multiculturalism, the only constant being survival and the pay check at the end of the month. Folks will watch Republic TV on Metros but never want to head back home to work and eat Sapaadu for lunch. It is a marginal existence of its own making.

The Gulf Middle Class as Global Mofussil is my take on Gulf Modernity as the Middle Class out here with origins in South Asia don’t live mentally in the Gulf, they are in a hybrid bubble, drinking Al Marai Milk but will reminisce about brands back home. This is a self manufactured liminality, projecting a global self outside but will head back to 19th century when he or she is back home. Technology enables this fluid state permanently

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