This morning as Delhi crossed the borders, I was in a taxi driven by an elderly Chacha from Lahore, a … More


Everyday dreams die As the past stings back Catharsis is half baked As the past, lives on The present is … More

Salon Nights

Joy of listening to cheap romantic Bollywood music in a South Asian Salon on Friday Midnight in Dubai. The choicest … More

Jobs and Migrants

The world of gulf migrants revolve around visas, medical tests, salaries, remittances, rents, salary cuts and delays, termites on the … More


Sometimes we let others fulfil our dreams Only to forget ours To consume the present well

The Illusion.

We live the image of the imaginations Only to wonder the pale shadow of doubt Was the dream An inheritance … More

Get Real Data First

More than big data, there is an acute need of proper primary data where it is not available on public … More