The Talent Equation.

Having talent is one part of the equation, making money out of it is another. Market needs a lot more than talent ; ability to communicate, be agile to unlearn and relearn, work in teams well, able to mentor and to be mentored, the ability to sell your idea to internal and external clients, go the extra few miles to create value, be well networked to leverage the resources. I am pretty sure no college taught these to to any freshmen.

Food Security.

Food Security about global supply chain resilience and not purely the ability to grow food. During the Qatar blockade, cows were airlifted from Turkey and Oman flew in fresh produce. Logistics from farm to folk is outstanding in Singapore and this reflects in the rankings. Hydroponics, and vertical farms, biotech and data analytics will make agriculture into the next level, that is food security grossly interconnected with Water Reuse and renewable energy.